arts 09.16.04


The underrated sibling houseware stores, Auto and Move Lab, 805 Washington [Horatio/Gansevoort] 212.229.2292, are having a sale, today through Sunday. Up to 80% off select items.

For the first time together in a public panel discussion, WTC site master builder Daniel Libeskind, Santiago Calatrava (designer of the new transportation hub), and Michael Arad (who designed the Ground Zero Memorial). The event is called "Design: Ground Zero" and it takes place on Saturday, September 18, 1pm, at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, 199 Chambers [Greenwich/West] 212.358.6126. Tickets are $35.

We've been fans for years now of The Bootleg Remedy, a band that plays an idiosyncratic mix of bluegrass, jazz, Dixieland, country, and blues. They'll be performing an hour set at Pete's Candy Store, 709 Lorimer [Frost/Richardson] Williamsburg 718.302.3770, this Saturday night at 9pm. Free.

At the Cooper-Hewitt, 2 E. 91st [5th], 212.849.8400, check out the new exhibit called "Design is Not Art": rarely seen functional designs from well-known artists of the past 50 years. There's a desk by Donald Judd, a daybed by Rachel Whiteread, plates by Dan Flavin, and a tire lamp by Robert Rauschenberg. If only you could buy copies in the gift shop…

Who better to spend the weekend with than Jon Stewart? His book, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America (The Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction, (Warner Books, $24.95), by Stewart and "The Daily Show" writers, has just been published. It's a look at the country's history, leaders, media, and future, concocted with that inestimable gang's insouciant, deadly accurate wit.

For another three weeks or so, a virtually unknown treat is in season. Stonington shrimp, from the waters off Stonington, Connecticut, will spoil you for just about any other shrimp. It's crazy expensive ($20 a pound), but well worth it for the clear, delicate flavor and silky texture. Look for these babies at the Citarellas around town. 2135 Bway [75th], 1313 3rd [75th], 1250 6th [49th], and 424 6th [9th], 212.874.0383.
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