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If Beck can find KeySpan park, so can you. He'll be performing there with the indie mopers Belle and Sebastian, the Polyphonic Spree, The Ravonettes, and others on Sunday at 1pm. Tickets, $55.

The Pin-Up Show, presented by Renaissance woman Jen Bekman, continues upstairs at Fanellis, 94 Prince [Mercer] Buzzer #2, through Sunday. Most of the photos, prints, and drawings by emerging artists are under $300.

Starting tonight and running through October 9th, artist Jenny Holzer will debut, under the auspices of public art presenters Creative Time, a series of nighttime light projections called "For the City." Tonight through Sunday it's at Rock Center, thereafter at NYU's Bobst Library, and then the NY Public Library. Details.

Nine holes of golf (sand traps included) designed by Arne Lundmark, at 7 Times Square, for three weeks. No greens fees, but give something anyway since the money goes to benefit hurricane victims, via Direct Relief International.

One more train item this week: A new edition of Watty Piper's The Little Engine That Could (Philomel, $17.99) with wonderful new artwork by Loren Long.

The uncoziest (and we mean that it in a good way) of British mystery writers, Ruth Rendell (pictured, bottom left) makes a rare appearance on these shores at Partners & Crime, 44 Greenwich Ave. [Charles] 212.243.0440, tonight at 7pm, signing her new book Thirteen Steps Down (Crown, $25)

Head's Up
Sufjan Stevens, about whom we kvelled on these pages in July, gives an acoustic performance along with Adam Green, Akron/Family and others at the Bowery Ballroom, October 3rd, doors at 7pm, $20 in advance, to benefit Katrina victims. Details.
"I strongly believe in this nation's core principle of freedom and I personally believe that the celebration of freedom is not inconsistent with the goals of memorializing our nearly 3,000 lost heroes. The creation of an institution that would show the world our unity and our resolve to preserve freedom in the wake of the horrific attacks is a noble pursuit. But freedom should unify us. This Center has not…We must reclaim the spirit that we saw the days and weeks after September 11th, a spirit of unity, resolution and purpose and we must come together to build a lasting memorial for the generations to come."
-Governor Pataki on his removal of the International Freedom Center from the WTC site.

Clarification: The Odeon will be celebrating their 25th anniversary, as we wrote yesterday, on October 11th. Their actual anniversary is October 14th.

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