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Black Orchid, 303 E. 81st [1st/2nd] 212.734.5980
Murder Ink, 2486 Bway [92nd/93rd] 212.362.8905
Mysterious Bookshop, 129 W. 56th [6th/7th] 212.765.0900
Partners & Crime, 44 Greenwich Ave. [6th/7th] 212.243.0440

The Mercantile Library
The Mercantile Library, 17 E. 47th [5th/Mad] 212.755.6710, is a private library that pre-dates the NY Public Library and has one of the best collections of mysteries in the country. It's also HQ for the Mystery Writers of America. Individual membership for first-time members is $60.

Edgar Allan Poe
You can visit the Poe Cottage at Grand Concourse and E. Kingsbridge Rd. in Poe Park, the Bronx 718.881.8900. Poe moved up there in 1846 and lived there for three years until he died. Before that, Poe lived at 206 W. 84th [Amst], where he finished The Raven in 1844.

The Edgars
The Oscars of the mystery world. The 2004 nominees are
here, the 2003 winners here.

Top 25 Mysteries of All Time
Murder Ink, the oldest mystery bookstore in the world, has a list of the top 25 traditional murder mysteries and a separate list of the top 25 hardboiled mysteries of all time.
Thanks for your feedback on our rant about the Justice Department's campaign to destroy the concept of medical privacy. The Times' lead editorial on Saturday was on the subject. Meanwhile, a couple of readers took us to task for the use of profanity in our article. Gentle readers, MUG's assault on your sensibilities can't hold a candle to the Justice Department's assault on your privacy. We just don't have the stomach for polite discourse about a witch-hunt.

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