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Name Your Poison

Here's a deal for you. Get a friend to sign up for MUG. Both of you get entered for a random drawing next week; if you're the winning duo, you and your pal each get to place a $250 order at your favorite liquor store, MUG picks up the tab.

Name your poison: order a case of wine, stock up on single-malt Scotch to hold you through the winter, or score a few bottles of nice bubbly. MUG gets the chance to grow a bit, you can stash some hooch for the winter.

1) Get a friend to sign up for MUG here. (Signing up people isn't cool; they need to do it themselves. But you can have more than one friend sign up).

2) Have your friend send an email to us at office@manhattanusersguide.com. In the email, they should include their name, your name, the email address where you subscribe to MUG, and the word Contest in the subject line.

3) Fine print: both of you must have valid email addresses and be subscribed to MUG at the time of the drawing. As always, none of your information gets shared with anyone, ever.

4) That's it. The contest will run through Thursday, November 6th, we'll announce the winner on Friday, November 7th, and work out the details of your haul.

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