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Most Popular Baby Names
Ashley has been the most popular name for baby girls since 1992, but Emily knocked Ashley down a peg last year. For Hispanics, Ashley is still number one, the top three for black New Yorkers are Kayla, Brianna, and Jada, while Asians favor Michelle, Rachel, and Emily coming in third. Here are the top 3 most popular baby names overall for boys and girls:

1. Emily
2. Ashley
3. Kayla

1. Michael
2. Justin
3. Daniel

Top 5 Most Popular Dog Names
1. Max
2. Lucky
3. Princess
4. Rocky
5. Buddy

Commercial Alert
This summer, the MTA proposed selling the naming rights to the city's subway and rail stations, as well as bridges and tunnels. While we understand the need to meet budget shortfalls, MUG is adamantly opposed to blurring the line between the city as a civic entity and the city as a commercial entity. We could argue that naming the stations reflects New York's eternally commercial underpinnings, but the city fathers/mothers have, over the years, drawn and held a line beyond which commerce could not go. That line should not be moved. Yes, there is advertising in subway cars and on platforms. But giving city entities commercial names not only goes against tradition, it cheapens our civic infrastructure. Had our previous New Yorkers thought differently, we might have walked in Delmonico's Park instead of Central Park. This is surely a distinction with a difference. Preserving civic New York is not some sentimental notion, it's an essential part of what makes living here worth living here. The MTA's proposed long term solution for a short term problem is a terrible combination of arrogance and ignorance.

You can read more about this at Commercial Alert and you can send an email to the MTA's Deputy Executive Director, Corporate Affairs and Communications, Christopher Boylan here.

The Name Game
Each of the following 20 streets and avenues turn into one of the streets and avenues in the a-to-t list. For example, number 10) Clinton Street turns into o) Avenue B. Match them all and you'd make a perfect taxi driver. Answers below in the On the Radar section.

1) Allen Street
2) Amsterdam Avenue
3) Bond Street
4) Bowery
5) Cathedral Parkway
6) Central Park South
7) Central Park West
8) Chrystie Street
9) Church Street
10) Clinton Street
11) Columbia Street
12) Columbus Avenue
13) Essex Street
14) Great Jones Street
15) Kenmare Street
16) La Guardia Place
17) Lafayette Street
18) Pitt Street
19) Varick Street
20) West End Avenue

a) First Avenue
b) Second Avenue
c) Second Street
d) Third Avenue
e) Third Street
f) Sixth Avenue
g) Seventh Avenue
h) Eighth Avenue
i) Ninth Avenue
j) Tenth Avenue
k) Eleventh Avenue
l) 59th Street
m) 110th Street
n) Avenue A
o) Avenue B
p) Avenue C
q) Avenue D
r) Centre Street
s) Delancey Street
t) West Broadway
Some email delivery problems yesterday…If you missed Wednesday's MUG, it was a pretty good one: Terminal 5, the coolest art exhibit of the year.

Answers: (1) a (2) j (3) c (4) d (5) m (6) l (7) h (8) b (9) f (10) o (11) q (12) i (13) n (14) e (15) s (16) t (17) r (18) p (19) g (20) k

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