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New London Luxe

Unlikely combos are a mainstay of New York, so it's not such a leap for an apothecary, New London Pharmacy, 246 8th [22nd/23rd]—which has perhaps the best collection of personal care products in the city—to branch out a bit.

More than a bit. Opened one week, New London Luxe, up a flight of unpromising stairs one door south of the main entrance, is staged to look something like an apartment, albeit an eccentric one. It's decked out with appealing and interesting stuff everywhere—when you're looking for a serious gift, this would be a smart stop.

The merchandise will change all the time, since much of it is one-of-a-kind or vintage. When we visited, there was a silver-plated pitcher with peacock handles made with malachite and lapis lazuli stones, beautiful blue irregularly round plates, lamps, frames, mirrors, purses, tables, mirrors, even a couple of oil paintings.

As they are downstairs, the staff is friendly and engaging.

Tonight at McNally-Jackson Booksellers, 52 Prince [Laf/Mulberry] 212.274.1160, 7pm, Ammon Shea, the author of Reading the OED: One Man, One Year, will talk with OED editor Jesse Sheidlower.

Buzz Word is a board game where you and teammates get 45 seconds to solve 10 clues, all of which include a word and its variations (beach ball, meatball, crystal ball).

PBS kids' fave WordWorld has a new DVD out next week called Sheep's A Star.

gone -- dentists in the williamsburg bank building (from march 05)

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