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New York City Novels

A selection of novels published in the past few years set in NY.

Passionate Spectator
Newsweek says author Eric Kraft's work is "the literary equivalent of Fred Astaire dancing: great art that looks like fun."

The Magician's Study: A Guided Tour of the Life, Times, and Memorabilia of Robert "The Great" Rouncival
Tobias Seamon's biography of an invented magician and his rise in the 1920s.

East Side Story
A comedy of manners by Louis Auchincloss about the fictitious Upper East Side Carnochan family.

Watch Your Back!
No one writes funnier mysteries than Donald Westlake. The author's beloved hapless thief, John Dortmunder, stars.

Gotham Tragic
Kurt Wenzel's book is a comic romp about New York money and celebrity.

The Havana Room
Salon says Colin Harrison may be the Raymond Chandler of contemporary moneyed Manhattan.

This Dame for Hire
Sandra Scoppettone's new mystery, out next week, takes place in 1943 New York.

Thirty-three Swoons
Martha Cooley's novel is about a NYC perfumer and her exploration of the past.

Empire Rising
Thomas Kelly's novel uses the building of the Empire State Building as its backdrop.

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