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25 Artistic Things to Do in Chelsea

Untapped Cities has a good three-parter
called The New York City that Never Was.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Paris versus New York is a witty, visual urbano a urbano. But they need to fix the billing: the site should be called New York versus Paris. Obviously.

Montage City was a class this past winter at Columbia. You can watch three of the resulting grad students' films that interpret the "existing conditions of urban space."

Walls Notebook
Create street art with no civic consequences.

New York Farm City shows how the five boroughs are, once again,
living off the land. (Bonus: some fun tilt-shift scenes)

The Book of Clocks and The Book of Clocks: Chapter II
Video collages of the city's sense of time.

Cultural and literary notes, plus self-guided walks, courtesy of Walking Off the Big Apple, a strolling guide to New York City.

25 Artistic Things to Do in Chelsea
The phenomenal popularity of the High Line on the West Side has no doubt introduced many visitors to the pleasures of Chelsea, the multifaceted eclectic neighborhood that stretches out below. On the west side of the rails, between W. 13th and W. 29th or so, the Chelsea Gallery District is home to hundreds of contemporary art galleries in repurposed warehouses. New luxury residences rise up around these spaces, taking advantage of the stunning Hudson River views. On the east side of the line, the iconic Empire State Building comes into the picture, but closer in, the Gothic Revival outlines of the General Theological Seminary represent the neighborhood's roots in an earlier century.

Chelsea is a remarkable neighborhood bound together by an artistic and visual history, but it's also a community held together by social institutions - schools, historic houses of worship, affordable housing under the auspices of the city's housing authority, and businesses with deep ties to the area. Yet, a great deal of modern Chelsea is in the state of nervous flux, exemplified by its most famous hotel, currently shuttered for renovations. The best way to scope out what's happening in Chelsea is to get off that high horse overhead, the one with the pretty saddles, and walk its historic streets.

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