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Bed-Stuy Banana
Engaging neighborhood observations by "a yellow girl raised in a white suburb shacked up with a white boy and had a tan kid in Bedford-Stuyvesant, a primarily black neighbourhood in Brooklyn, New York. Here's a look at the few blocks that comprise our world and a little bit beyond."

Scouting New York
Another keen observer and strolling companion, the author of Scouting New York chronicles his city perambulations while he's scouting locations
for upcoming film shoots.

Scoreboard Gourmet
Chardonnay during a Mets game? The end of the world is upon us.

Second Circuit Blog
"On a flight from Zurich to JFK, Pierre Delis, upset that the meal service ran out of chicken got into a scuffle with a flight attendant"… and other legal tales that can make surprisingly interesting reading.

Bedbug Registry
In case you don't have enough to worry about.

Paz's New York Minute
Bold, frequently beautiful images of MUG's favorite city.

Penny Palate
Under $10 and delicious is the mantra for this welcome new blog, but there's this: "Once you pass 21, each successive birthday gets a bit more depressing: you're another year past your prime, and it's even less socially acceptable to hang out in trashy dive bars looking for cheap drinks." Hm, we never got that memo.

Highly recommended for its excellent picks of greener pastures,
accessible without a car.


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