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Brooklyn Diners
Greasy spoons are given the once-over by this wryly and well-written blog, with due consideration to sugar dispensers, The Seven Deadly Rice Pudding Sins, and the characters who make up the 'more coffee, hon?' world.

Uptown Flavor
A webzine about life above 96th Street that covers entertainment, real estate, restaurants, and posts such as a recent one on Stacie J, one-time "Apprentice" contestant, whose newly launched perfume is said to have notes of "Swiss chocolate cream and juicy red fruits."

Sound Seeker
Nice idea: overlay sound files from specific locations to GoogleMaps that, in time, will create an aural mosaic of New York.

The Nonist
Now we know who we want on the next barstool or in the next seat when we're 23rd for takeoff: it's the guy who writes this invariably interesting and amazingly wide-ranging website. Topics of recent entries have included an art forger, the Sanskrit concept of Ahimsa, and riffling through a box of old postcards.

Memento mori, botanical-human hybrids, and anything else in art and culture that has a surreal, highly imaginative, or dream-like tinge. The site is fun to surf and will introduce you to artists you might not otherwise encounter.

Time Freeze Photos
We can never get enough of old black and white photos of New York, particularly when they're everyday scenes rather than the usual famous landmarks. That's why we like this website, which sells prints that include a hotdog stand, West Village streets, and a group playing baseball on Wall Street. Also available, digital prints from vintage postcards.
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