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Launched in May, RunYourCity compiles runner blogs, maps, stores, books, and clubs.

The name Diaroogle may not be its proudest asset, but its mission, to help you find a public toilet from your cell phone, is something we can get behind.

'Chronicling an ever-changing city through faded and forgotten artifacts' is the idea behind Ephemeral NY, a thoroughly absorbing website for anyone even remotely interested in NYC's history.

Neighborhood news gets a web makeover, courtesy of EveryBlock: type in an address and get crime reports, real estate listings, restaurant inspections, photos—even lost-and-found postings.

Local clothing deals tend to be for women; The Choosy Beggar wants to restore some balance for the guys.

NYC-based Greenzer puts over 10,000 items through the green wringer, weighing a number of factors to determine how green they are—including electronics, clothing, office products, and sports gear.

Sustain NYC is also green-oriented, an aggregator of various eco-blogs, sites, news, and events, with some original reporting and editorials.

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