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Shiny, Pointy & Tall
From the meta files, Jim Hanas' collection of pictures of people taking pictures of the Chrysler Building.

Veiled Conceit
Frothy wedding announcements from the Times plus frothing-bile commentary make this a delicious read.

Foodist Colony
For the restaurant-obsessed—and even for those who just want to keep track of good places to eat—this website has a lot of smart features to help you do it. (Note that the site was temporarily down when we went to publish).

Old and Sold
An unsourced treasure trove of articles from the last 100 years about the city—among the things we never knew about, the five-foot-wide "Spite House" that was built at Lex and 83rd, "erected to satisfy a personal grudge and the owner lived fifteen years to enjoy the discomfort that it caused the man he wished to spite." Aww, what could be more NY than that?

Up Next
Even if the content has quite a ways to go, the 3-D mapping of this new city guide is fun to trawl.

Love Hate
An artist tracks her city with mixed media and mixed emotions.

File Magazine
Zoomed-in Food

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