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Looking at the LaGuardia Airport Photo History compiled by the Port Authority on LGA's 70th anniversary is a bit like running into someone you've known for years and thinking, 'huh, never noticed before
but they're actually kinda hot.'

Jessica Su's Su Good Sweets runs the delicious gamut from a Nutella babka recipe to chocolate in any form, including an unconventional pick for best chocolate chip cookie in the city.

NYCMapExplorer allows you to mash up data, overlaying graphical information over the five boroughs. What kind of info? How obesity rates relate to crime rates, say, or binge drinking to depression. The resulting maps aren't always easy to read – hopefully that can be remedied
in the next version.

Not safe for work, but 212DressingRoom is an interesting blog combining "fashion culture, art and commerce from a New York City perspective for the progressively minded fashion and design community."

Artist Chris Rywalt makes excellent virtual company (probably real-life company, too), offering sharp but thoughtful opinions on the current state of the art world and the exhibitions he attends (and frequently deplores). His site is NYC Art and the image here is by Steve LaRose, an artist Mr. Rywalt champions.

Wearing parts of NYC may be going too far even for MUG, though we do like the merch from Josh Bach. There are a couple of nifty ties (one a map, one of city lights), subway token cufflinks, and an
Empire State Building pen.

Broadway Space – where Broadway meets social networking – is sometimes more lively than the Fabulous Invalid itself.

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