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Painters NYC
Smart: this site lets you experience a small image of an artist's work, quietly and crowd-free, in two ways. You can simply see the work and the name of the painter. You can also click on the comments to find out where the artist is showing as well as browse the comments, which range from insightful to certifiable.

A tiny corner of New York history that tracks the intersection of Superman, Macy's, the 1939 World's Fair, and Charles Atlas.

Pocket Change
In the 'knows the price of everything and the value of nothing' category, this website features the city's most expensive goods and services. You can also apply to date the site's proprietor, but based on the worldview evidenced here, we'd rather rip out our fingernails.

Broadway Living
Still in the fledgling stage, this site features people who work on Broadway: actors, stagehands, ushers, et al. There's little content at this point, just some interesting potential.

Silence of the City
The doppelgänger to the New Yorker's Talk of the Town section, they publish pieces rejected for TOTT.

Wall Street Folly
As they describe it, "Shining a bright light on and poking some fun at the money, power, and mind games of Wall Street and beyond."

The Blackout History Project
Stories from the 1965, 1977, and 2003 blackouts.

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