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FEATURED SITE: The New York Moon

The New York Moon is a beautifully designed site with the singular notion of adhering to the "lunar phases of the real waxing, waning moon." Yes, it's a certifiably insane mission statement, but we're into everything these folks turn their attention to, whether it's Water systems of Manhattan, Wall Street as Pompeii, views of the Atlantic Avenue tunnel or Istanbul: City of Palimpsest.

Noticing New York is "dedicated to the proposition that developing New York and appreciating New York go hand in hand," put together by a real estate attorney/urban planner. Are there a lot of that particular hybrid out there?

While The Skint uses vintage British slang for its name, the meaning—and the posts—couldn't be more timely. Skint means 'broke' and the site does a well-considered daily listing of free and cheap things around the five boroughs.

A short YouTube photogallery of shadows created by people, cars, horses, fences, buildings, hydrants, etc.

Venerable magic shop Tannen's has a blog that covers in-store talks, magic shows around the city, and things like an original Kepplinger Holdout.

One of those rare web spaces where nothing bad could ever happen—just a lovely respite with Shirley, her drawing pencils and paintbrushes, New York and elsewhere, comprising a site called Paper and Threads.

A fedora, a clown hat and a cap make up this trio of bobby pins by Brooklyn's Tilly Bloom. $16. There's lots of other great stuff here—just about all of it under $30.

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