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Coney Island Voices
The idea of the non-profit is to record an oral history of the neighborhood, as Coney Island faces the prospect of major changes in the next decade.

New York Traveler
A slight detour for us: this is a blog—and a good one—about traveling throughout New York state.

Portside New York
Red Hook is another nabe in transition and Portside's goal is to encourage a relationship between the landlubbers and the maritime community, including the development of a new museum.

Titanic Memorials
While we're on the subject of the water, this page catalogues Titantic-related places in the five boroughs.

Slavs of New York
Slavic fun in town: bars, restaurants, events, et al. Not only fun, tons of good info, too.

New York Photo Gallery
Even though it's not updated much any more, this is an enticing repository of city images.

Upper Green Side
Rick Moranis wrote a really unfunny satirical op-ed in Monday's Times about Upper East Siders and their efforts to do something about the deteriorating environment. Well, this is a website that's making a serious effort to create a more sustainable UES.
Reader Mail
Don't be so hard on Ouroussoff. The Times piece is even-handed in comparison—the writer of this piece [Paul Goldberger] is probably firebombing a community garden in the name of progress as I type.

Been meaning to email you for a few weeks now to tell you about this great experience I had renting a car. "Great experience??" you may ask? Indeed. As you undoubtedly know, renting a car in Manhattan is a fool's errand. Zipcar is great for those quick jaunts around town but it is not cost efficient for longer trips. It has long been my practice to rent a car outside of Manhattan (and NY if possible.) If I am heading points North, I'll take MetroNorth to CT and rent in Stamford. If I am heading South, NJ Transit to NJ. Significantly less expensive and you get a jump on the getting out of Manhattan traffic.

For Martin Luther King Weekend, my friend and I were heading to Cooperstown where mutual friends have a weekend home. (And, being the baseball fanatic I am, the Hall of Fame was beckoning.) My friend did a little research and discovered an Enterprise in West New York, NJ, a town I was up til then unaware of. We took the ferry across to Weehawken and the Enterprise folks picked us up at the ferry terminal and brought us back to the branch. These guys were great!!! They were friendly, something I rarely have experienced in rental car personnel. They talked to us about the sort of car we were renting and made recommendations as to which ones were fun to drive. They gave us great directions for avoiding the dreaded NJ traffic. But the best thing about it was the price. For three days, our total was $140. They even gave us a discount for using the ferry!!! And on our return, they drove us back to the ferry terminal. It was easy, friendly and inexpensive. I couldn't believe it and I will never rent from anywhere else again.


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