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Newww.York & Hump Day

1.6 Billion Rides
Beautiful graphs and info presentation
based on MTA stats from last year.

A book by Taras Grescoe that looks at transit systems around the world, and makes a persuasive case for more transit, fewer cars.

Secret Staten Island
Does SI really have any secrets to keep?
Turns out, yes. And some to tell.

An organization that looks at Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts
and ways to support them.

Nathan Sawaya
Sawaya is a sculptor who uses LEGO pieces as his medium.
[via: What the Cool]

The LEGO Story
This video is an animated company history, of some genuine charm.

Strange Tales and Surprising Facts about Ancient Rome
An article drawing from the author's book A Cabinet of Roman Curiosities: Strange Tales and Surprising Facts
from the World's Greatest Empire

We wouldn't think of a camping trip without it.
[via Like Cool]

Troll Dolls
Dreamworks is banking on troll love that's been with us since the 1960s — a major animated feature is being developed for 2015.
Meanwhile, these images to tide you over.

Fourth Avenue Brooklyn (from 2007)

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