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Hump Day
Walking Off the Big Apple

New York, I Love You
And we love this set of images taken or collected by Jonathan Hayes.

From Mr. Hayes, we learn of the oil paintings of Janet Ternoff,
which are one delight after another!

My Block NYC
Personal videos mapped to specific spots around town.

Rose and Apple
The 'culinary cross-pollination' between Portland, Oregon and NYC.
Case in point: the new LES Pok Pok Wing.

Photographer Tsuneaki Hiramatsu happens upon
a field and a forest filled with Fireflies. Wondrous.

Bookshelf Porn

Cabin Porn

Artisanal Pencil Sharpening sounds like a put-on, but David Rees, a recovering political cartoonist based in the Hudson Valley, truly makes an art out of the quotidian.

Cultural and literary notes, plus self-guided walks, courtesy of Walking Off the Big Apple, a strolling guide to New York City.

Navigating Fort Greene: Between BAM and the Barclays Center

En route to a performance at the either of the main venues of the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the BAM Harvey or the Peter Jay Sharp Building, especially near the train stations that service the Brooklyn neighborhood of Fort Greene, it is possible to observe many visitors from other boroughs looking tentatively around in every direction to get their geographical bearings, as if they were lost. I would wager that they are lost. Where Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall are served by immediately adjacent subway stops, making it possible to see these venues right away after climbing stairs to the street, the BAMs are not as easily spotted and thus take some time figuring out. I would also wager that more than a handful of performing arts patrons fail to make curtain time because of the wily geographical charms of this neighborhood.

Let's solve this confusion by exploring Fort Greene on foot, because the more we walk an area, the more we get to know it. This one is a charmer. Residential streets with London-sounding names – Oxford, Cumberland, Waverly, Portland, etc. – run in pleasing geometries with Fort Greene Park. To the south, Lafayette Avenue serves as an important cultural and retail thoroughfare, beginning on the west at Flatbush Avenue and veering in a straight line toward its eastern finish at Broadway in Bushwick. Fulton Street zips in a southeastward diagonal through Fort Greene, intersecting with Lafayette to create two unequal obtuse triangles on the east and west. Two small parks – BAM Park and Fowler Park – are nestled within these two bigger geographical triangles. This meeting place feels like a natural neighborhood center and a good place to start a walk.


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