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In the Grid
Though the website hasn't launched yet, you can get tweets from Karen Kelley of the Corcoran Group on the state of real estate here. And we think Evan Maddalena's illustration for the site is a true delight.

Open Wi-fi in NYC
A helpful compilation of free and open wi-fi spots around town.

A Chicken in Every Granny Cart
Cooking in a small NYC kitchen,
plus various and sundry pursuits, passions, and locales.

Made in NYC
A heartening resource of things produced in the five boroughs—clothing, ravioli, electrical equipment, green products, and much else.

If It Was My Home
A grim, graphic perspective on the scope of the BP disaster.

NYC, Style & a Little Cannoli
"A blog about my fave city, style and various desserts along the way."

City Snapshots
A record of Toni Cruthirds' encounters
with New York's people and places.

Secret Lives of the Unemployed
Liz Bartucci's engaging biweekly serial about three Brooklyn neighbors
who take themselves off the work grid.

Today on Wish You Were Here:
Chez Gégène

Elizabeth Street

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