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Happy Hour Mobile
While we'd prefer an actual drinks mobile bringing brew to the block, this new blog is a good second-best: Short downloadable videos of bars with a history.

Mommy Poppins
"What to do, see, eat, cook, watch, read, make, play, buy, envy, and think with kids in NYC."

Robert Jay Kaufman, author of Blockology: An Offbeat Walking Guide to Lower Manhattan, has a new blog with photos and thoughts on the state of the Lower Nabes.

City Hammer
While we can't vouch for the particular recommendations, this newly launched website may lead you to a helpful remodeling resource.

NY on Tap
One more on the theme of drinking…The enterprising folks behind New York on Tap have created a version of their site especially for iPhone owners. You can quickly locate bars, the nearest subway, and save favorites. And, they say, "it's designed to work with big fat sloppy drunk fingers."
Bike Share for New York?
The Forum For Urban Design and the Storefront for Art and Architecture take up the question with an exhibition of European bike-share programs (Paris is about to launch a citywide program). Check out the events, including free bike rides, here.

When we're wrong, we like to be really wrong. Case in point, from yesterday's German Dossier. The Kirchner show at MoMA — it opens on July 29th, we got that right. But it's 2008, not 2007.

3 Great Ladies of Song
Ivri Lider
Shirley Bassey

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