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JFK 50th Anniversary
Aviation aficionados (meaning anyone who doesn't have to fly currently) will like the photos from JFK's past (surely more appealing than its present): Stratocruisers, the Saarinen terminal under construction, and a female air traffic controller in 1948.

Taxi Dreams
From Thirteen/WNET's "'Taxi Dreams," lots of fun facts, figures, and lore about taxis.

The Bag Blog
Formerly produced from someplace called Boston, the writer of this bag/pocketbook/purse blog has sensibly relocated to our fair city. Welcome bag blogger!

Riding the F Train
All things poker — well, as they describe it: 95% poker plus 5% other.

Restaurant Girl
We especially like this food and restaurant site's attention to detail, practical advice, and fluid writing style. Perhaps they're easier graders than we are, but we're cranky that way.

Pushcart NYC
Kebabs, rice noodle crepes, vegan Indian, and tacos are some of the pushcarts offerings covered by this six-month-old blog that treats street food with the proper reverence.

Top of the Lawn
Are the stars out tonight? That and more from this urban astronomer who points his lens from Central Park and other city sites.

Film obsession from the East Village. Even if Hollywood has been in a long slump, Cinecultist helps you remember why you ever loved movies in the first place.

Blogway Baby
Ah, more obsession. This time, with theater. The author returns to see [title of show] for the fourth time, asking if it makes her a stalker. Why, yes. Yes, it does.

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