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Ingenious: Continuous City, the creation of Brian Foo, will be a graphic book of New York City that reconfigures alongside the conversations of its two characters, Allen and Pearl. Foo has hand-painted hundreds of the city's buildings for the project. A Kickstarter campaign is also underway.

Much less ingenious, but furrier: The Pets of New York, from MUG, features your indie cat, shoe-eating pooch, goldfish, bird, etc. Post photos, videos or stories about them on the Facebook page or send them to us. We may run them in MUG occasionally, too.

Time Shutter is an iPhone app that guides you to various city locations and then lets you overlay an exact, historical, "then" image
to what you're seeing now.

More then and now: Time and Space on the LES,
evocative photographs of 1980 and 2010.

Massage on demand? There's an app for that, called Zeel.

NYC Urchin: 'Daily news for all sea creatures in the city'

On the rocks or straight up with Michael Dietsch at A Dash of Bitters

NY States of Mind features things made here,
from Catskills maple syrup to cutting boards from Brooklyn.

People Make Parks helps New Yorkers improve their green spaces.

New York Neon is a website in support of
Thomas E. Rinaldi's book of the same name.

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