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Whether it's the Goethals or the Verrazano or the GWB, photographer Dave Frieder gives you new perspective on NYC bridges, and occasional moments of surprising beauty.

The preternaturally talented Nico Muhly has gotten wide notice for his classical compositions, but it's his website we want to call your attention to today. His 'news' section is essentially the blog part and it's a model of that form: Muhly's interests are wide-ranging, the writing is fresh, and it's even nicely designed.

We've been reading Joseph O'Neill's wonderful novel Netherland and we're reminded, as we are so often, that no matter how much we think we know about New York, there's always more to learn. Case in point: the passion for cricket in our five boroughs, as exemplified by the Staten Island Cricket Club and its 2nd Vice President…Joseph O'Neill.

Dedicated to "the preservation and restoration of Art Deco architecture and interiors", the Art Deco Society of NY can guide you to all kinds of Deco-y goodness.

Channel your inner Ian Thorpe with NYC Swim, which organizes swimming events in these waters. Up next, the two-mile Governors Island Swim on June 29th.

Join Rex Parker, the "55th Greatest Crossword Puzzle Solver in the Universe," as he anatomizes the Times puzzles.

[First image from the NY Times, June 12th,
Bush and Merkel, photo by Johannes Eisele.
Second image, BAM's production of Endgame.
Pictured: Alvin Epstein and Elaine Stritch.
Photo by Nick Heavican]

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