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Since the reaction to our article 7 New NY Websites was so positive, we've decided to make it a monthly feature that we're calling Newww.York. We'll be picking websites and blogs, new and not, that we think you'll like—simple as that.

Bankers Ball
A digital water cooler for investment bankers and their ilk, written anonymously, with an insider's edge.

Video tours of clubs, stores, restaurants, and places of cultcha.

Brain Terrain
This one's for "New Yorkers interested in more than just drinking, clubbing, and networking," so we can safely label it a niche publication. Actually, we love it—lots of interesting suggestions on smart stuff to do around town.

The Paupered Chef
A weblog about "spending more than we have," (this we can safely label a mass-market point of view), TPC is about food, wine, and restaurants. The three guys behind it do a superb job.

Francophonie New York
All things French, within our five-borough borders.

From the gimlet-eyed original Gawker editor Elizabeth Spiers comes this 'online business tabloid and Wall Street gossip blog.'

From the Floor
What this art blog lacks in visuals (obvious irony), it more than makes up for in very smart writing.

· A large haul of spring and summer merch from theory , 261 W. 36th [7th/8th] 2nd flr. 212.947.8725, today, 10-5:45, tomorrow, 10-3:45, and Sunday, noon-4:45.
· Clothes and accessories from Ghost, 28 Bond [Lafayette/Bowery] 646.602.2891, 6/6-6/8, 11-7.
· Up to 80% off shoes from To Boot New York, 603 Washington [Morton/Leroy] today, 8:30-6, Saturday, 10-6, and Sunday, noon-5. Cash only.

Landmarkless New York
A few readers asked what we thought about the DHS slashing NY's anti-terrorism funding. What is there to say that isn't said by this newly released Quinnipiac poll that places George Bush at the top of the list of Worst Presidents in the past 61 years, though surely he'd still be a strong contender if the time limit were removed.

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