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Simon Fieldhouse
Mr. Fieldhouse is an Australian artist who specializes in architectural watercolors. We love his New York series, of course, but everything he puts his hand to is worth seeing.

Oh Canada, reliable and good-natured butt of late-night jokes and yet so full of creative stuff. Witness the Upper North Side, which tracks everything culturally Canadian in NY.

Danciti keeps its eye on all dance-related performances, news, events, and auditions citywide. It's gone quiet in recent weeks;
we hope it returns soon.

Carroll Gardens Brooklyn History is not only an archive of the neighborhood's past but an advocate for its careful preservation.

Brick Underground
'A place for New York City homeowners to leverage their collective intelligence.' That means everything from construction info, buying advice, and dealing with troublesome neighbors.

Many of our bridges are now or soon-to-be Willard Scott eligible ('The Queensboro is 100. Beautiful lady, lovely lady. Loves to watch
the traffic go by.') The NYC Bridges site celebrates the infrastructure we sometimes take for granted.

A Baker in Brooklyn is an enjoyably low-key way to watch a Brooklyn baker at work in his home kitchen.

times square (from 2007)

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