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The Modern List

A cool modernist lens to view Manhattan: showrooms, hotels, bars, buildings, museums, retail, and restaurants.


Renaissance woman Meg Hourihan refocused her site last month so that it's now food-only, bringing her customary intelligence to the table, and way with words, plus a serious palate.


A local website (and twice-weekly newsletter) for shutterbugs and wannabes that covers anything related to cameras and photography.

The Brooklynites

A wonderful site by Anthony LaSala and Seth Kushner that celebrates their hometown with images of, and essays on, the borough's extraordinary cast of characters.

The Millennial Pedestrian

'Poems about walking around in Central Park…and other places' is the focus of this site by poet John Schenck, whose works we read with invariable pleasure.

Faith and Fear in Flushing

Exactly what you want for a Mets site: two longtime friends and lifetime Mets fans "get together to contemplate, complain about, and once in a great while compliment their favorite team."

Infamous NY Real Estate

An irresistible premise: "Houses of ill repute or residences shadowed by shame, blame, and pain in NYC. Ever wonder about the dark history hidden inside your doorway. . .?" We only wish the site was updated more frequently.

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