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Why, you ask, are there wild Quaker parrots in Brooklyn? Brooklyn Parrots tracks the birds that may have escaped from JFK cargo in the late '60s.

Wunderbloc is a helpful source for virtual shopping, boutique browsing, and sales and events.

Lost New York City: "A running Jeremiad on the vestiges of Old New York as they are steamrolled under or threatened by the currently ruthless real estate market and the City Fathers' disregard for Gotham's historical and cultural fabric." Amen, brother.

You can bump in a dump 'til you're dead. Or you can check in on Burlesque Daily, a blog about the neo-burlesque world of glitter, pasties, and fan dances.

Much more useful detail than you might expect, but let's be honest, at NY Condo Blog you're there to look at the pictures.

Over 1600 vintage images are available at BrooklynPix ($30 for an 8x10 print). Great for browsing and gifts.

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