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The City Cook
"The ultimate guide for pathetically busy, space-compromised urban dwellers who prefer to cook at home" is how this brand-new, superb site describes itself.

Granted, not the snappiest of names. But this Bronx-resident math teacher combines his vocational focus with lots of interests: New York, urban anthropology, science, and the city's step streets.

An Unamplified Voice
"One operagoer's notes" — a serious fan who is still able to bring some clear-eyed perspective to that insular world. Plus, the writing is strong.

East Village Idiot
The author says his blog "serves no purpose." Ridiculous. We find EVI entertaining, funny, and at its best when cranky.

Germany in NYC
Ach, mein lieber Herr Gesangsverein! A website that tracks, as the name hints, things German in NYC: arts, food, and events.

In spite of its evident fear of vowels, an appealing selection of cool design and technology with a local slant.

Tree Bed
After Dark

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