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The Manhatta Project is an amazing new book, plus an exhibit at the Museum of the City of NY, about the natural history of the island and the way Henry Hudson would have found it on the day he arrived.

At NYC Mugged (no relation to MUG), news and reviews of everything coffee. [Image by Scott Beale]

Overlooked NY is a collection of artist Zina Saunders' sympathetic portraits of New Yorkers with an evident passion, including amateur astronomers, a mushroom hunter (pictured), and urban gardeners.

Sea Level is a really helpful site that collects 'links to the concrete coast' – in other words, anything that has to do with water activities. You'll find resources for boating, kayaking, rowing, swimming,
surfing, conditions, gear, and more.

There are a number of taxi blogs, but NYC Taxi Photo is a new favorite of ours. Each shift is an opportunity to capture moments in the life of the city – and it's done beautifully.

Idealist in NYC helps "good ideas travel in the five boroughs."


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