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I Hate Duane Reade
Given our own feelings about Duane Reade, we were delighted to find this blog, as kindred a soul as a blog can be.

Insatiable Critic
With no disrespect to Mr. Platt, we've been missing the voice of the full-length reviews by Gael Greene in NY Mag. Happily, Ms. Greene has just launched her own website and she's as insatiable as ever.

Streets Blog
New York would cease being New York without its street life and that's the essential premise of this thought-provoking blog.

Gay Conservative Liberal
We don't agree with many of the opinions of this politics and pop culture blog — but that's the point of it — to keep the conversation going, and the shouting to a minimum.

Bar Stories
Pop culture, history, and trivia, often NY-related, are the fodder for this site and for the next time you warm up a barstool.

Ice Cream New York
Shops, events, history, reviews — all ice cream, all the time.

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