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NYC Grid
We've written before about Paul Sahner's wonderful photoblog, which explores NYC "block by block and corner by corner." An extra hat-tip for having recently posted its 500th block!

Made in Midtown
A look at the crucial role the fashion industry plays in Midtown (factoid: nine of the top fashion companies have a combined annual revenue of $31 billion) and thoughts on the future of the Garment District.

Boogie Downer
The Bronx is up and front and center at this borough chronicle.

Sunday Magazine
Love this idea: every Friday, this site features what they think are the more interesting articles from the NY Times Sunday magazine — from 100 years ago. The most recent: Wizard With Amazing Powers
Astounds Scientist.

The NY Public Library's blog is full of surprises, not the least of which is that it's full of surprises. Pictured: Jay-Z is in the house.

Eater's Digest
*Sigh*. We need more competition? Well, we don't mind so much when it's a good idea like this one, which tracks the city's food events
week by week.

Cap'n Transit Rides Again
News and thoughtful commentary on transportation
and public transit issues.

Brooklyn Before Now
Peeling back the city's layers is almost always a rewarding hobby. Pictured: a Francis Guy painting of Brooklyn ferry district, 1820.

Today on Wish You Were Here:
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Bryant Park

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