intersection 11.18.09


Love this: Pop Up Lunch explores ways that New York's existing 'street furniture' could be simply transformed into lunch counters.

Harlem Bespoke covers the neighborhood's rich history, architecture, food, arts, and shopping. It makes you want to move there, or at the very least, go for a long, exploratory walk.

A rare retail maven is one who know the price of everything and the value of it, too. That's why we buy what Guerilla Shopper is selling.

JazzWrap, was created by a New Yorker who's spent time in the music industry trenches, and examines choice examples of the genre, well- and lesser-known, and the musicians responsible.

Japanese food culture gets smartly anatomized
by the Japanese Food Report.

Gotham Schools is "a running conversation about what works and
what doesn't in NYC schools."

In spite of it name, The Endless Bummer, a NY surf blog, will have you overlooking the vicissitudes of fall and winter for the dream of
an endless summer.

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