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Evan Zelermyer's photos, under the name Hale Graphics, are everyday objects transformed. The Times Square subway station never looked so compelling.

We love the Viva project of the Skyscraper Museum. It's a 3-D computer model of the city, with lots of additional goodies. Addictive.

Built NY is a company that launched with a two-bottle neoprene wine tote and now makes more than 100 totes variations, including baby bottle totes and laptop sleeves.

Fully Booked reviews parties and events as well as providing details on snagging invites.

Second Avenue Sagas—Nobody could possibly follow the ins, outs, ups and downs of the long-aborning, possibly Sisyphean 2nd Avenue subway line, except maybe this website.

"The Staff at Ugly Outfits New York is dedicated to outing every wrong ensemble in New York City. We won't stop as long as there are chippies and hipsters armed with the dangerous combo of fashion magazines and credit cards."

Have you noticed that serious bike riders are often endlessly critical of their world—the bikes, the stores, other riders? Bike Snob NYC has all that and more.

police woman joan…tv recycling…victorian with a twist.


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