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Ironic Sans
A section of the Ironic Sans website has been tracking New York City as it's depicted in animation — it makes for pleasurable browsing. But the writing's good, too: read blogger David Friedman's thought on why the animation in Madagascar looks so sterile.

Dark Passage
We love this site: urban postmortems for armchair archaeologists covering New York City and elsewhere. What that means is you get to take a look down hallways of an abandoned skyscraper, an abandoned hospital, an old ice-skating rink — all creepy in a good way. Dark Passage doesn't seem to be updated much any more, which may make the site itself a digital relic suitable for a postmortem at some point in the future.

Espresso Porn
Self explanatory, though you may be surprised at how gooey and sensual espresso can actually look. No details are provided for how the obsession began, but we could definitely be looking at a brand new pathology here.

Speaking of obsessive types (our favorite kind of person), here's an assortment of several dozen hydrants (and variations thereof), from around these parts. This is one of those collections that can you make you see the urban landscape with fresh eyes.

Hot Guy Alerts
A shrine to the NY theatre community's bevy of beefcake beauties — better-known commodities such as Matthew Morrison and Matt Cavenaugh as well as some discoveries.

New York in the Movies
Local film buffs should have fun poking around the site that maps over 100 scenes from movies and TV shows, identifying the movie, the location, and showing a still from the movie at that location.

Shadowlands Haunted Places
A low-tech roundup of ghostly sites around the state. In Manhattan, website has the usual suspects (everyone knows the New Amsterdam theater is haunted), but we had no idea that Cafe des Artistes had its own spook and that it "likes to touch people."

NYC Facts
Right up our alley, and yours, too, if you're into NYC history. A wide-ranging compendium: trivia, a crime section (including a few words on 'Monsieur New York; the famous executioner who was considered 'master of his craft'), and images (including Chester A. Arthur in drag).

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