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Richard Howe's series of Manhattan Street Corners in which he documented each and every one (!) of Manhattan's roughly 11,000 street corners. A fascinating collection of great images, so plan on spending a lot of time, as we did, in browse mode.

Even though MUG isn't one of the sites with food info that Digesty digests, (hello, our Hot List? Our Neighborhood Faves?), they do provide a very useful daily compendium of links to local sites with food coverage.

NYC journalist, chef, and author Sally Schneider has launched, with several cohorts, a new, zeitgeist-perfect website that we love called The Improvised Life. From its immediately engaging design to its thoroughly appealing idea of 'improvising as a daily practice', a way of taking each day with a flexible, open-mind, we can't get enough of the discoveries, observations, and tips therein, covering food, design, DIY, and more.

Even MUG has been known to develop the occasional flash of wanderlust, which makes Off Manhattan, a guide to 'car-free green getaways', invaluable. They've got terrific picks within our borough borders as well as interstate destinations. Their Big Map is especially helpful.

A Cook's Guide NYC does exactly what you hope it will: point you to the exact chorizo you should choose when a recipe calls for it (Despaña's), worthwhile cooking classes, provide excellent recipes, and specific recommendations for kitchen gear and where to find it.

A nifty collection of old NYC postcards can be found at Vintage Views. They've got bridges, 'Future New York' as envisioned in 1917, skyscrapers, and Central Park, including the old greenhouses.

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