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Newww.York Plus: Flickr Pool Picks

Dylan to Johnny Rotten to Antony and the Johnsons, to Babs Gonzales to Jo Stafford to Garland Jeffreys to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah—they all make an appearance on The New York Nobody Sings, dedicated to the songs of NY, with two provisos: the songs must be 'brilliant' but 'not blindingly obvious.' A great site.

I Heart Brunch doesn't need much explanation—you just need to bring an abiding fondness for Bloody Marys and home fries.

Jan Morris, in her book Manhattan '45, chooses 1945 (with 'affectionate imagination') as the year New York was most like itself—New York at its best. This Flickr set is of 1940s New York.

In spite of the more nefarious motives one might have for tracking commercial jetliners, there have been—and still are—those who do it for the innocent pleasure they find in the pastime. Plane Spotting LGA, Plane Spotting JFK.

The New York Times Leader publishes a brief examination of the paper's lead story of the day.

This is FYF, is 'a website for New York homosexuals' enjoying the 'postfabulous life.' They promise that 'instead of screaming at you from the center of the dance floor, we greet you warmly and offer to show you around.'

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