intersection 01.27.10

Plus: Hump Day

NYTPicker (you'll want to pronounce it nitpicker) provides running commentary on, and smart analysis of, the NY Times – successes, failures, and tics of the paper's sections and reporters.

Seriously Soupy, from Ditmas Park, has the same love for soup as
the Soup Man, minus the crankitude.

Bronx Architecture is an eye-opening site, from Lehman College Art Gallery/CUNY, on the borough's many and varied treasures. [via urbanbydesign and Off Manhattan; Photo: Norman McGrath]

The End of History, written by the folks from the Hudson Street store, looks at pieces of mid-century modern accessories.

Protect NY provides endless, in-your-face answers to the question,
why NY?

30 to Midnight bills itself as 'the entertainment source
for everyone over 30'.

A Child Grows in Brooklyn: The intersection of parenting and Brooklyn.

What wall wouldn't be improved by this Hierarchy of Beards Poster?

A number of readers sent us to see this baby dik-dik on ZooBorns, where the awww factor is through the roof.

Candy Blog reviews candy from around the world.

We first wrote about Marc Wootton's character Shirley Ghostman several years ago and how much he/she made us laugh. Showtime clearly felt the same way and has rightly given Wootton his own show, called La La Land. You can see some older Shirley Ghostman clips here.

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