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Grace Bonney's blog isn't exactly a secret any more, especially now that it also appears on House & Garden. But here's a case where higher profile is a reflection of high quality: it's a terrific blog source for home and product design that features stuff we'd actually like to have. The mini Brooklyn Design Guide is a welcome new addition.

East Village Wine Geek
'Wine, food, and life' are the topics on this five-month-old blog, but it's really all about the wine — the discoveries and enthusiasms of the writer (and his wife) when they crack open a new bottle. It's not updated regularly, but we find its lack of pretense and openness to new grape experiences refreshing.

Officer's Row
We're betting you don't know much about Officer's Row, the name of the blog and also the section of the Brooklyn Navy Yard with 10 homes built between 1864 and 1901. The gated community housed high-ranking officers and their families, and featured tennis courts, skating rink, and a communal garden. It's now a parcel of glorious decrepitude, as the site's images detail.

Bank the Nine
If ever a website cried out for a mournful sax on the soundtrack, this one does: a new blog that casts a noirish eye on the city's pool halls. It would look good in book form, too.

Beware of the Blog
Nothing WFMU does is ever dull, and that certainly goes for their blog which has posts on music, the world of radio, arts and entertainment, plus lots of mp3 and video clips for downloading. Fun and interesting — what more could you want?

Room Eight
Local wonks and wonkettes congregate here, discussing the upcoming elections, campaign tactics, and whatever else is happening in New York politics. It's a group blog and participation is encouraged. The name, by the way, is a fictional/virtual space complementing City Hall's press room, Room 9.

The New Yorker between the lines is the mission of this site that, though unaffiliated with the magazine, is extremely attuned to its subtext, syntax, and semiotics.
Food News
· Bruni slaps a Satisfactory on Freemans
· Cuozzo raves about Boqueria
· The delightfully hyphenated Jason Hernandez-Rosenblatt hits pan-Latin Luz in Fort Greene
· NY Mag has a new food blog called Grub Street
· New Alessi store open in Soho


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