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Walking Off the Big Apple

NYC Arts
From Alliance for the Arts, a free GPS-based iPhone app
that lets you browse and search for events near where you are
and throughout the five boroughs.

What to Drink with What You Eat
In a perfect world, you'd have James Beard-winning authors Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page at your side whenever you were planning dinner, grocery shopping, or eating out. A close second, a food-and-drink pairing app that's a companion to their bestselling book. $2.99

New York Adorned
For body art fans, the website for New York's Adorned two locations also comes with galleries of tattoo artists' work. Their free iPhone app
gives you a daily dose of tattoo art.

Landmarks: New York
Out now for the Palm Pre and later this month for the iPhone, an app featuring landmarked sites throughout the city. You get info on over 1,300 sites, including buildings, structures, and interiors
as well as photos for about half. $1.99

Road warriors and anyone who just wants to enhance their travel or
commutes should check out Bumped In,
a way to connect with others on the go.

The Fourth New York
A postscript to E. B. White's dictum that there are three kinds of New Yorkers. Karen Wunsch posits a fourth on her photoblog: someone who grew up here, moved away, and then returns.

Wet Nose Guide, which covers several dozen cities and states, has a lot of helpful info for dog owners: boarding, dog walkers, shops, and so on.

What should I do with old TVs and computers? Answer

Travels to Seattle

While You Were Out: Hubris! Greed! The Ethically Challenged! Stop Complaining! Happy New Year!

Cultural and literary notes, plus self-guided walks, courtesy of Walking Off the Big Apple, a strolling guide to New York City.

A Walk to a Mews and Alley, Unplowed

Even as the snow started to come down, and the snow was blowing hard by that Sunday night, one wondered when the plows would come. As the night fell into day, the city awoke under a great canopy of powdery snow, the kind more typical of Aspen or Vail than Uptown or Downtown, and the snow had arranged itself in artistically creative drifts. As the snow fell from the sky, it turned cars into white abstract sculptures, burying the hoods and roofs and settling around the tires, demobilizing even many in motion and abandoned in the middle of the street.

The scene on Monday morning presented a pretty sight, but still the plows, for many, especially in the outer boroughs and on side streets throughout the city, were nowhere in sight. The plow trucks, as expected, took care of the big avenues first, and then the smaller side streets, although hours and days would go by before many of these were cleared. Emergency vehicles could not find their way to rescue the suffering. The city is currently investigating why the plows did not come.

Forget the alleys. A few days after the storm, I decided to peek in on two of the most famous small alleys in Greenwich Village - MacDougal Alley and Washington Mews - to see how they fared during the blizzard. These little places, nestled on either side of Fifth Avenue between Washington Square North and 8th Street, with MacDougal Alley on the west and Washington Mews on the east, seemed removed in place and time from the modern politics of snowplows, winter postcards from the past.

MacDougal Alley once included a stable at No. 19 remodeled by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney in 1907 for her own studio, and subsequent acquisitions of eight more buildings served as the foundation for the Whitney Museum of American Art. Washington Mews was once lined with stables on its north side, and the south side features hobbit-ready houses built in the 1930s. NYU owns many of the buildings here. The scale of the tall apartment buildings nearby on Fifth Avenue makes the alley and mews seem all that more diminutive. It's quiet on these two small snow-hushed streets, enough perhaps to hear the ghost sounds of dependable horses, their whinnies, neighs and thumping of hooves as they prepare for the next snow.

Church Street

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