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Walking Off the Big Apple

Al Niente: New York's last sheet music store
is a lovely elegy to a nearly-vanished trade.

Beer Gardens NYC
An iPhone app that gives you all the info you need
for quality quaffs at dozens of beer gardens.

Lame Adventures
A funny and charming take on life in the city.

"Have you ever ridden the train at 3 PM on a Tuesday or 11AM on a Thursday and thought, 'Who the hell are all these people?!'" Video answers from Why Are You On My Train?

Since 1975, the Citizens Committee for New York City has encouraged
and enabled New Yorkers to help improve the city
by improving their neighborhoods.

Put down the pizza and Finish Your Broccoli
a shot of nutritional sense for the five boroughs.

CourseHorse is a helpful resource for finding local classes.

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of Shutterstock

Cultural and literary notes, plus self-guided walks, courtesy of Walking Off the Big Apple, a strolling guide to New York City.

Strolling Notes from Recent Walks in Greenwich Village

• Residents of the Village don't have to travel far to get their outdoor music fix this summer. The Washington Square Music Festival is at its half-way point with a variety of offerings on Tuesday evenings at 8 p.m. in the park. The concert on July 26 - "Music Making By the Masters" - will be performed by the Festival Chamber Ensemble and will feature clarinetist Stanley Drucker performing W.A. Mozart's Quintet for clarinet and strings in A major, K.581; Astor Piazzolla: Four for Tango; and Anton Arensky: String Quartet op. 35 in a minor. For the final concert on August 2, the Charles Mingus Orchestra will play jazz. I certainly hope so. Don't miss this chance to listen to music in one of the city's most romantic parks. The concerts are free.


Do you think the News International scandal in the U.K. will spread to include criminal charges at any of Murdoch's U.S. companies?





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