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Walking Off the Big Apple

NYC Corners—images of the city's essential social spaces. We especially like the 'then and now' matchups.

Whether it's in a museum, gallery, on the street or on a wall, it's well worth seeing artworks through the keen eye of Hrag Vartanian on his blog
A Brooklyn Art Critic's Notebook.

Brooklyn- and Portland-based Late Night Library is a series of podcasts featuring writers, not yet well known, yet well worth knowing. The podcasts are here.

The unpredictable review selections of Books NYC make this site a must-read for avid readers.

The Center for Urban Pedagogy is a nonprofit that "uses design and art to improve civic engagement." Suitcase in point: Sewer in a Suitcase—the most fun you can have with drainpipes.

While we're on the subject of waste, Last Night's Garbage documents the city's garbage with the bonus of clever, unexpected commentary, which makes it upcycling at its best.

By their fonts shall ye know them:
New Type York.

Get cozy with your subway line via,
stop by stop, maps, photos and Twitter feeds.

Cat Girl's I Ride the Harlem Line makes the case for that activity better than anyone—the photos and commentary make her great company.

Cultural and literary notes, plus self-guided walks, courtesy of Walking Off the Big Apple, a strolling guide to New York City.

Lessons from E. 10th Street

A walk on 10th Street from the Hudson River to the East River, or vice versa, affords many pleasures, including the opportunity to look at some of the city's most beautiful townhouses, local libraries, and historic churches, to sample the wares from small neighborhood stores, and to grab a decent cup of coffee. This sort of lateral city walk can also introduce visitors to some of the historical and visual distinctions between the west side and east side in this part of downtown. In general, the west side of Fifth Avenue tends to run formal and subdued in its color choices, while the East Village blocks, especially in the more eastern stretches in the Avenues, would be the more likely location to enjoy a brightly painted mural of cats and dogs or of a unicorn. The west side doesn't seem to go for this sort of thing, so that's why the myriad visual stimulations of E. 10th make for a rather fetching walk.



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