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Reasons to Love New York—short and sweet reminders ("Because Jacques Torres behind the counter pulling your morning espresso").

Nathan W. Pyle's funny—and dead-on— NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette includes 'beware the empty train car' and 'going upstream to catch a cab' (which Pyle notes is 'legal, but a cheap way to win'). [via: Twister Sifter]

Cinemagraphs are animated gifs put to far more salubrious and stylish use than you usually find on the web.

Firebugs: one for you! NYC Fire Wire [Photo: Tom Fulgieri]

Once you tell the free service Poncho your zip code, whether you have a pet that needs to go out, whether you have pollen allergies (and so on),
it sends you an email or text (at the time you tell you it to) with a personalized weather forecast. If not essential, helpful and kinda sweet.

There are quite a few vintage New York City compilations floating around the web (though never enough of them). Here are two of the better ones:
50 Stunning Vintage Photographs of NYC includes Times Square on a Rainy Day, 1943 by John Vachon.

And NYC Past goes big, to great effect.

Chocolate NYC around the city and around the world.
As you'd expect, delicious in all ways.


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