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Here's an ingenious idea for those of you who are unable to maintain a long-term relationship with your keys: apartment, car, or other.

NewYourKey holds copies of those keys and brings them to you when you've lost them again in the back of the cab. That's really the whole idea. Any time, day or night, they'll get a copy of your keys to you within an hour, even if you're three sheets to the wind at 3am. Especially then.

You'll have perfectly reasonable questions about how safe it is to give any company access to everything you hold near and dear. Talk to them about that, they seem to have thought those things through.

There are three levels of service, the most basic costs $35 per year for the keys needed to, say, get into your apartment and car. Delivery on those where-the!@%$#%-are-my-keys occasions is $20.

NewYourKey is the brainchild of two former waiters who worked for several years in an East Village French restaurant. Over time, regulars would ask these two to hold spare keys for them or for visiting friends to pick up while they were at work. And that led to the classic 'hey, what if…' which led to NewYourKey.

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