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Since 2000, Myra Alperson has been running Noshwalks—culinary getaways within the five boroughs. Noshwalks was a followup to Hungry Pedalers Gourmet Bicycle Tours that she started in 1983.

So whether you want to explore the Russian food of Brighton Beach, tastes of Guyana in the north Bronx, or Little Manila in Woodside, Ms. Alperson is your best possible guide. The focus is on the food, but Alperson gives context to the various cuisines by weaving in history and culture to the tours.

Each tour lasts about three hours, some run longer. They usually take place on weekends around 1pm and they're in the five boroughs (except when they're in New Jersey for, say, Newark's Ironbound neighborhood). Cost is generally $55 or $60, which includes plenty of tastes along the way.

In the many years she's been fine-tooth-combing the city, Alperson has revealed many of its unsung culinary treasures and in so doing has become one herself.

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