leisure 11.11.05

Note to Self…and Others

Note to CNN…
A fire in a Long Island marina may be Breaking News…on Long Island and for Motor Boating magazine subscribers. Long Islanders and Motor Boating magazine subscribers may well be strong and loyal viewers of CNN who would want you to break in for live updates. But for the rest of us, not so much.

Note to Paula Zahn…
You almost got it right last night, dear, but it's Larry King Live — 'live' rhymes with dive, not give. Maybe we'll miss Aaron Brown's diphthongs after all.

Note to Employers…
Keep track of employees who self-identify as 'run amok.'

Note to Theatergoers, considering an evening of In My Life…
Keep in mind the immortal words of Bernard Levin, critic for the Daily Express, reviewing a play in 1960: "Strictly speaking, I cannot swear that being kicked in the stomach by a horse would be an experience preferable to seeing this play by Signor Giuseppe Marotti because I have never been kicked in the stomach by a horse. But I have seen this play, and I can certainly say that if a kick in the stomach by a horse would be worse, I do not wish to be kicked in the stomach by a horse. And I can certainly add that, unpleasant though the prospect of being kicked in the stomach by a horse may be, I would certainly rather be kicked in the stomach by a horse than see the play again."

Note to chef Charlie Trotter…
Columbus Circle track slow, muddy, so you scratched, you sly boots. Well out of that one.

Note to chef Paul Liebrandt…
You, at the Palace, seems nuts. But then everything you do is nuts. Which is why we're looking forward to eating at Gilt, which opens early next month, more than anywhere right now.

Note to Self…
No matter how much blame ought to be apportioned to the current administration about the state of the world, we have to acknowledge that our city has not had another terrorist attack since 2001 and that that, if we are being fair, must redound to the administration's credit. We realize there may be a whole host of reasons why we have not been hit again, and that another attack will, sooner or later, come. Giving such credit may not come easily to us, but the basic fact of NYC being intact (intact, that is, in its post-9/11 state) is something to celebrate. Much credit also has to go to the mayor and the NYPD (our view on the subway searches notwithstanding). With that in mind, this weekend we're going to stroll the hell out of the city, enjoy the last vestiges of autumn, and hold our beloved city close.
Sony Cybershot T7
Shiny. Tiny. Want. (It was selling for $500. It's now $389.99 at J & R.

From the Archives
Congestion Charge
The Times discovers the congestion charge idea today, a scant 22 months after we wrote about it in MUG.

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