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Fiddlehead Wars
The free market applies to Greenmarkets, too — the first two Real Food Markets have launched, asparagus a-blazing. They're open Saturdays, 10-2, now through the end of the year. One RFM is on Lafayette [Kenmare/Spring], the other is on 6th Avenue [Bleecker/Houston]. More info.

White Burgundy Tasting
Some crisp Premier Cru white Burgundies will be poured at a Morrell tasting on Wednesday, June 28th, 7:30pm, $125, at their Rockefeller Plaza [49th] store.

LaLoo's Ice Cream
Over at the Salli Vates blog, 'Vates' touts LaLoo's goat milk ice creams, particularly the Black Mission Fig, calling the lineup, which also includes Deep Chocolate, Molasses Tipsycake, and Strawberry Darling (strawberries swirled with a balsamic vinegar reduction), "one of the most delicious ice creams in existence."

Saveur Summer
Hard to ever throw an issue of Saveur into the recycling bin: too much interesting food info, too many appealing recipes and gorgeous pics. The editors of the mag will be cooking up a summer feast next month, July 28th, 6-10:30pm: Texas-style guacamole, fried chicken and Memphis BBQ, Down-East baked beans, corn bread, blueberry pie, and margaritas. $105, at the Institute of Culinary Education, 50 W. 23rd [6th] 212.847.0770.

Chow Chow
NYC Nosh talks about the southern/southwestern relish made in endless varieties (peppers, cabbage, and green tomatoes are generally featured players) and where you can find it here.

Creme Brulee Bars
If Jacques Torres doesnt need diacritical marks in naming his new Creme Brulee Bars, we dont need no stinkin apostrophes and frankly the hell with the commas and periods too Its too hot for em anyway But the chocolate cest delicieux

Daniel in High Def
You need to subscribe to INHD, Channel 721 on Time Warner (not to mention you'll want a high-def TV) but clear those hurdles and you can watch After Hours with Daniel Boulud and NYC chefs as they prepare late-night dinners for themselves and friends, including Anthony Bourdain, Lorraine Bracco, and Ruth Reichl. The website for the show, by the way, lists M. Boulud's Top 5 Dishes Worth a Detour. They are:

1) Roast chicken at l'Ami Louis in Paris
2) Sushi at Jewel Bako
3) Head cheese at Charcuterie Gilles Verot, Paris
4) Iranian caviar
5) DB burger at his DB Bistro Moderne

Toasting Women Chefs
The Women Chefs & Restaurateurs organization is hosting At the Table New York: Toasting Women Chefs & Restaurateurs, a fundraiser to support WCR's scholarship and internship programs for women at all stages of their culinary careers. The five-course dinner will be prepared by a group of seriously talented women chefs, Sara Moulton will emcee. It takes places on Thursday, June 29, 6-10pm, at the Prince George Ballroom, 15 E. 27th [5th/Mad], tickets are $150. More info by calling 877.927.7787 or here.

From blogger David Fischer of Gluten-Free NYC (as well as Blog About Town):
Your item on Babycakes calls it "a gluten-free bakery" but that's misleading. At least one Babycakes cupcake contains spelt, which is forbidden to people on medical gluten-free diets.

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