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A Post-it note, a Kikkoman soy dispenser, Dixie paper cups: everyday household items barely worth a second look. Until you give them a second look. That's what MoMA Qns, 212.708.9400, has done in their "Humble Masterpieces" exhibit on now. The museum has long gathered industrial and household objects (there are 3609 in the collection) that are especially well-designed. On display are 122 of them and the exhibition makes you see each one of them in a new light.

The great urban planner Jane Jacobs speaks tomorrow night on "The Past, Present and Future of the Office Skyscraper" at City College's Shepard Hall, Convent Ave. and 138th 212.650.7118, 7-9pm, free. Ms. Jacobs' new book is called Dark Age Ahead.

You can hear the roundtable discussion among NY Observer columnist Joe Conason, editor and author Sarah Crichton, and author John McWhorter tonight from 7-9pm at the Brooklyn Museum during a taping of Brian Lehrer's WNYC radio show. This one is called "Culture Storm: Life and Politics in the Election Year" and topics will include abortion rights, politics and religion, and broadcasting decency standards. Free.

Hey, wanna hurl your Wheaties? Read the Taguba report. Dark age ahead, indeed.

To Boot New York, 603 Wash [Morton/Leroy], is having their annual sale on dress and casual shoes. Prices are up to 80% off retail. The sale runs Fri (8:30am-6:30), Saturday (10-6) and Sunday (12-5). Cash only.

Cynthia Rowley, 112 Wooster [Prince/Spring] 212.334.1144. Through 5/31, the designer's clothing is up to 80% off.

Nick Denton and the Dentynes have a new blog to add to the blogrolls. It's called Defamer and it's another great skewer-and-snarkfest, this time setting its sights on Hollywood. Others in the canon include Gawker (media), Wonkette (Washington), Fleshbot (porn), Gizmodo (gadgets), and Kinja (a daily best-of-blogs).
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