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You can see the World Trade Center Memorial Designs at the World Financial Center or online here.

An addition to the cell phone article we ran last week: is a just-launched, independent forum for consumers dealing with the new FCC regulations allowing you to take your number with you if you change wireless companies. The site advises cell phone users "not to act too quickly because prices will drop and plans will be improved as more contracts expire. In the beginning, carriers will carefully watch how many customers switch when they can do so without losing their phone number. By reading the forum, consumers will quickly learn when the deals start happening."

We previewed Henry IV at Lincoln Center last week. Here are today's reviews (finally, some good news in the theatre!):
· Brantley, Times: "The most entertaining show of the season."
· Barnes, Post: "What a piece of work is Falstaff! And how wondrously does Kevin Kline play him!… It is a performance hot with genius and monumental with history."
· Kissel, Daily News: "A miracle is taking place eight times a week at the corner of Amsterdam Ave. and 65th St. Great Shakespeare is being performed."
· Winer, Newsday: "Austere but intimate…thoroughly engrossing…" Kevin Kline's Falstaff is a "magnificent portrayal."

Vera Wang, Penn Plaza Pavilion, 401 7th [33rd] 212.575.6400, is having a one-day sale of bridal gowns at up to 75% off, tomorrow, 11/22, from 8am-5pm.

NY SAVE (Save Animals in Veterinary Emergency) is a non-profit organization that helps NYC low-income pet-owners when their pet is in need of emergency vet care. They can use your or your company's help to help others.
We were asked for a good, simple wine to bring to the Thanksgiving table. You can't go wrong with Bonny Doon's Big House Red. This varietal blend is always a crowd pleaser, it's widely available, and it's about $10 a bottle. (Don't be put off by the screwcap, as they explain on their site.)

YESTERDAY'S MUG: Greenwich Village Orchestra

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