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NYC 2012

Do I really need to pay attention to this right now?

Then why are you writing about it?
Things are moving behind the scenes. For example, the NYC2012 committee just finished collecting submissions for an international design competition that would transform part of Long Island City into an Olympic Village.

When do they make a decision for the games?
July, 2005.

Who else is in the running?
Havana, Istanbul, Leipzig, London, Madrid, Moscow, Paris and Rio de Janeiro.

Any key players to know about?
Keep an eye on that rascal Leonid Tyagachev, President Putin's ski coach. He's also the head of the Russian Olympic Committee and wants the Olympics in Moscow in the worst way. Tyagachev is the guy who threatened to pull Russia out during the Salt Lake City games because of "unobjective" judging.

What's in it for New York?
According to the NYC2012 committee, "the Olympic Games are expected to produce a regional economic impact exceeding $11.7 billion. They would also signal the revitalization of amateur sports in New York and leave a legacy of recreational facilities for generations of children to come. Additionally, they would bring a transformation of the neglected Hudson Yards area of Manhattan's far West Side and signal a resurgence of the East River waterfront."

More info?
We're working on an article about house painters and would be glad for feedback on any experiences you have had. Write us here.

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