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We use the NYCityMap every day since we think it's the most accurate for things like cross streets. So we were happy to see a new version introduced last week that's better looking and provides a wealth of useful info.

Type in, say, 1 Fifth Avenue, and you can find out everything from lot area, year built, land use, owner, police precinct, down to its elevator records (out of 236 inspections, they've had 22 violations if you must know).

There are links to neighborhood facts and elected officials as well as an option to 'find nearest…' Choose from among dozens of options to add to the map: libraries, post offices, WiFi hotspots, after-school programs, greenmarkets, transportation, even federal stimulus projects.

You don't have to search by address, either. You can plug in a zip code to see it mapped, a 'place of interest', block lots, community and city council districts. There's also an option to see an aerial shot, though you can't get down to street level as you can in Google maps.

Given the amount of information involved, perhaps it's to be expected that load times can be slow. Still, it's an impressive harnessing of information, attractively and thoughtfully designed.

Today's the last day to snag a great photo print at a bargain price from Jen Bekman's 20x200 sale. Superb photographers participate, including our own Joe Holmes, so you really can't go wrong.

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